Vehicle inspection technology in the palm of your hand.

A mobile app that's the first of its kind in the motor industry, Carscan uses computer vision and machine learning to scan vehicle damages and provide real time vehicle health condition and repair estimates.

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Capture vehicle health data like never before.

Detect and analyse vehicle exterior, wheels, and glass damage with one scan from your smartphone.

Read key internal vehicle data like odometer, engine or gearbox details, and dashboard warning icons.

intuitive tech for wherever, whenever.

Leading Augmented Reality software seamlessly guides you through the scanning process. Making vehicle inspection simple for anyone.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform continuously trains itself on a database of

2 Million +

vehicle images in various conditions. So each time you scan, damages and anomalies are identified with high accuracy.


Scan the entire vehicle circumference in only 30 seconds.

Putting the control into your hands.

Get access to the gateway of the vehicle industry, at your fingertips. Save time and money, with accurate and reliable data.

  • Scan any vehicle from any smartphone to detect and identify damage through self-assessment pattern analysis.

  • Record vehicle identities and identify fraud through VIN-Licence matching and geo-tag mapping.

  • Get real-time competitive quotes directly through your app from local repairs, workshops and service centres.

To disrupt the global vehicle inspection industry.

Manual inspections are prone to human error because we all make mistakes sometimes.

Logging vehicle details and damages don’t always go as planned, especially if there's a possibility of fraud.

80%of all manually logged vehicle data is inaccurate.

A lack of reliable data means increased operational overheads, and the cost of insurance and spare parts.

Up to 90% of all manually logged vehicle data is inaccurate.

This limits 30% of profits for workshops.

Ultimately leading to poor customer experience and mistrust in the vehicle inspection industry.

It's about time there's
a shift in the value chain.
Without needing expertise
or needing to buy expensive

Take their word for it.

Take their word for it.

After using Carscan, nothing matched the flexibility and scalability, it provides us high value service at a low price point. We got what we were looking for as it’s outstanding, powerful and easy to use.

Carscan is an amazing App it has brought so much joy to our business. We love the user-friendliness and the AI capabilities. Well done team you guys are surely champions.

Dudley Davids, Director: Prtuma

With these unparalleled times that we live in, the Carscan application has made our business and staff safer and more efficient. It is simple and easy to use, a quote just takes a few minutes to complete and all without the client even leaving his home. Because the Assessment is broadcasted to all other repairs in our location, it helps us to be competitive and yet giving the client the best price possible.

Carscan is such an easy and efficient way to load a claim and get the damage fixed fast! The car is scanned and sent to repairers who will quickly quote for the damage. Getting quotes from many repairers has allowed us to find the cheapest, best options nearby! This saves money and time!

Nickey Naidoo, New Trend Autobody



Limited access to vehicle history and repair centres

Expensive equipment to assess vehicle health

Opaque view of the entire value chain


Better, faster 360° graphics eliminate the need to buy expensive equipment

Gives the ability to estimate cost structures on a real-time basis, with access to a network of repair centres and workshops

Faster Buy-to-Sell with HQ cars on promotion on digital platforms



Expensive vehicle auctions

Limited underwriting data

Lengthy process for claim approval and financing


Quicker claim settlement with accurate information and fraud prevention

A white-labelled solution giving reliable data at a fraction of the cost

Real-time underwriting with true market value assessment



Mistrust amongst the buyers and sellers

Limited access to assess repair centres


Digital view of Carscan report that’s shareable across platforms with instant quote generation for repairs

Enhanced customer experience



Workshops have limited reach potential in terms of leads

The time to diagnose the vehicle is high


Wide-reach into potential customers, improving efficiency due to availability of vehicle health data

Inclusion into the digital era

It all starts with one scan.

And a vision of a world where everyone has access to innovative technology.

Self-proclaimed “techies” Obins Choudhary and Chander Prakash worked together and were flatmates for many years. They each have a passion for exploring and developing innovative technology that has a true impact on the world. While working on property and document inspections at a global finance corporation, Obins and Chander realised there was an opportunity in real-time data capturing. Especially in the vehicle industry, where having clean, accurate data is critical for key players in the value chain.

2019 2020 2021 2022

Founded in 2019 just before COVID-19 hit, Carscan launched in South Africa. Now, with a presence in 3 other African countries, stay tuned for our expansion into Europe and Australia in early 2022.

Created and engineered by experts in the field.

Utilising their years of experience researching and building technologies for corporate clients, Obins, Chander and their expert team developed proprietary technology with artificial intelligence to create an app that would change the motor vehicle industry across the world.

Obins Choudhary


Ex-VP, Barclays. Won the best data science team award from Gartner. 12 years experience in building products for the mass market.

Chander Prakash


Built tech for the mass market across Africa. 8 years of experience in technology & AI.

Payal Gupta


Led strategic alliances for India’s fastest-growing fintech with 8 years of experience in driving partner relationships.

Avadhut Joshi


17 years of experience in operations and software development for companies such as; Mastek and Discovery, as well as working with Financial Enterprises of Europe, India and South Africa.


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